Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wall Climbing XTVT

Wall climbing???

Hmm...i've never expecetd that one day i'll involve in this kind of xtvt. Looks like nothing, just simply hang to the wall?? Wrong! Absolutely wrong! You must try on it, then u'll know!

Last Saturday, my hubby invited me to go with him to Mad Monkeys Climbing Gym. At first thought just to follow, but then...hmmm..he registered me too ;) Thanks Sayang!

At first i tried, wow! Its me feels like to try more and more...because there're many 'stones' stick to the wall & I still not touch it accordingly! Must come and come when we have any free time - weekend perhaps!


I f you wanna have a try, lets go for it! Details :

At MadMonkeyz, climbing should be safe, convenient, affordable and most importantly, fun!

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