Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog - English or Malay


Blog which one is better? In English or Malay??

Here my opinion....

Deep in my fren idea is GREAT - Blog should be write in English! Why??

1. I've many friends come from vary races :)
1Malaysia - We live happily in Malaysia even we have Malay, Chinese, Indian, Caucasian, and so many la...

2. Google Adsense
I think English is more popular compared Malay language. In case i want to do some business here, the target can be "Worldwide" ;) Coz the language is not the barrier ;)

3. English Writing - Shorter than Malay Writing
So, i shall control my emotion when writing anything specially something from deep of my heart ...hehehe

OK, as for me, really agreed to have blog in English =) For others, up to you, this is just my opinion.

Plus in a way, can improve my English writing too :) But...hehehe as this is my personal blog, i might type it in a very simple sentences. So, i hope u all can understand :)

I'll start writing my blog in English today :) Thanks Sudha for the suggestion :)

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