Monday, March 15, 2010

Azlina Engagement Day is my youngest sisters Engagement Day! SO great...simple but so lively!

A Blue-Pink canopy set in front of our house - just a canopy :)

Catering...seriously so tasty! Embun Katering - my aunt actually. Her cooks can't deny - superb tasty! Anybody wanna try??Absolutely suggested!

We all so enjoy during the caremony, especially me - busy 'posing' snaps anywhere and most of the angles & time :) Just for fun, really releasing my 'headaache' at office.

Some good pose from all of us - Anak Dara oppss...exclude me married with 1 child ;)

Anak Dara Tmn Keramat - Izzati, Elin & Nana ...

Arrival of Ruslan's Family .. Elin's Fiancee

Discussion between 2 families cool

After "Sarung Cincin", from left My Mama, Elin & Fiancee's Mak

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