Wednesday, March 24, 2010



If you're a software that help to remind people for good, i guess absolutely Great! But when you're the reminder, have to write and send reminder to others, it such a eerrr...most people will hate you and can let people fight each other too!

Such a night mare when there's a case, a lady have to be a reminder to somebody which is actually was part of the 'big committee'. Same things has been reminded, but again and again she has to remind him. At last the 'bomb' exploded! Hmm...i can't say much, coz both related to your dignity as a Manager.

Anyway, in working environment, we MUST be professional. Know how to differentiate between friends & colleagues. Some people they don't understand that and always have negative perspective - Lyer! Good Actor! Anyhow, its subject to you guys - an adult should know which is good or bad!

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