Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its Really Make Me Cries

I had Migrain again! Errr..painful...
Ya Allah, help me...i'm fighting with your test!

Lucky i reached the office quite early today. I took 'ActiveFast' and tried to get a 10 minute sleep at the room next door. Syukur Alhamdulillah..migrain reducing. Then i continue to do my work as normal. I got a hotel to develop. Yes, i'm doing it! Maybe this is my last hotel developed here. Suddenly i received a blog's link from my friend, i read!

Its really give big impact to myself! The blog is belong to a strong mummy who just missed her beloved son. I'm crying while reading!

Ya Allah, i beg You, please make that mummy calm & accept with all that have You written for her. Let her to be very strong! Amin.

Here is the link:

Deep in My Heart...
Its really remind me which now i'm only have a daughter which is never have bad fever or sicks at all. I hope it wo
n't happend to me. Even i'm looking so calm, so strong to accept anything happend. But...only You know my heart Ya Allah. Please never put me in that situation.

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