Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Be a Good Leader

How to Be a Good Leader

Hmm..great source...i found this and wanna share with all...

Remember: leadership skills and techniques can be learned. You don't have to be a natural leader. Very few people are.

Know your team. At some point, every day, walk around the office and say "Hi" to everyone who works for you. If you're not in the office that day, call and see how people are.

Meet your team.Regularly - daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your place and type of work - have meetings of all the members of the team. Keep these meetings short, focused and action-orientated.

Train your team. Every team member should have at least two days training a year. Newer and more senior colleagues should have more. If they don't ask to go on training sessions, suggest some suitable courses.

Grow your team. Through varied experience and regular training, you should be developing each team member to be more and more confident and more skilled.

Set objectives for each team member. As far as possible, these objective such be SMART - Specific Measurable Achievable Resourced Timed.

Review the performance of each team member. At least once a year - at least quarterly for the first year of a new team member - have a review session where you assess performance, give feed-back and agree future objectives and training.

Inspire your team. Consider making available a motivational quote or story every week or month.

Socialise with your team. Have lunch or an after-work drink with them, especially when a staff member has a birthday or there's another reason to celebrate.

Thank constantly. The words "Thank you" take seconds to say, but mean so much.

Praise constantly. The words "Well done" take seconds to say, but will be long remembered and appreciated.

Communicate constantly. Don't assume that people know what you're doing, still less what you are planning or thinking. Tell them, using all the communication tools to hand: team briefings, electronic newsletters, organizational newspapers.

Eliminate. Too often we do things because they've always been done. Life changes. Consider whether you could stop doing certain things altogether.

Delegate. You don't have to do everything. Develop your team members by training them to do more and trusting them to take over some of the things you've been doing.

Empower. A really effective leader sets clear objectives for his team members, but leaves detailed implementation of these objectives to the discretion and judgement of individual members of the team. As Second World War U.S. General George S. Patton put it: "Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results”.

Facilitate. A confident leader does not try to micro-manage his team, but makes it clear that, if team members need advice or assistance, he is always there to facilitate and support.

Be on time. Always start meetings on time and finish them on time. Natural breaks keep people fresh. Short meetings concentrate the mind.

Be seen. Don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. So visit each unit or department for which you are responsible on a regular basis. Don't do this unannounced - you are not out to undermine other leaders or catch out staff. So arrange with the unit leader or departmental head when you'll visit and ask him or her to walk round with you.

Make time. Managers are often very busy and this can deter people from approaching you, so make time for people and be approachable. People will appreciate you taking five minutes out of your busy schedule, especially if you act on/listen to what they say.

Really listen. Many of us - especially those who think they are important - don't really listen, but instead think about what they're going to say next. Give the person speaking to you your full attention and really take on board what they are saying.

Accept honest criticism. Criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger - but it's a powerful tool of learning. Above all, assess criticism on merit, without regard to its originator.

Think strategically. The doers cut a path through the jungle; the managers are behind them sharpening the machetes; the leaders find time to think, climb the nearest tree, and shout "Wrong jungle!" Find time to climb the trees.

Have a mentor or buddy, someone doing similar work in the same or a similar organisation with whom you can regularly and frankly discuss your progress and your problems as a leader.

Have a role model, someone who can inspire you to be a truly great leader. If you can't find one, study Jed Bartlet as the American President in any episode of the television series "The West Wing".

Plan your succession. You won't be there forever and you may not be in control of the timing and circumstances of your departure. So start now to mentor and train at least one colleague who could take over from you.



Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Weekend at Legend Water Chalet

25 Dec 09

Morning - as normal.


Lunch Time

Today is Christmas Day!
But..i’m working …ho ho ho..but at the office only abour 6 of us. So, lunch chow chin chow to JJ Equine, together with Su & Kak Im.

We ate at Kenny Rogers! first complain..portion overall small! But drink..superb tasty (the price superb crazy too!)

In the middle of eating…err…full! hahaha…what a big impact to us…earliest said small portion, now cannot finish it - kak Im ‘tupow’ muffin!

Last but not least…the payment!

Me - RM25+
Su - Rm18+
Kak Im - RM31+

Kwang..kwang…kwang…winner of the lunch - Kak Im! Cool ya … ;)

At Night

What a start late evening! Saffiya shows her tantrum! Err…

Once she slept, then i managed to prepare the things! Cloth, steamboat set, swim suits, foods and etc…

Slept at very late night. But again..Saffiya “ork-erk-ork-erk” dut to much cries before sleep :s

26 Dec 09

Early morning i’ve received a ‘text’ :) We can check -in anytime we want! What a happy news!

So, once my hubby reached home, we started to move all begs and stuff into the car and get ready to Port Dickson!

Sounds near but this trip is special - Special Birthday Present for My Husband! - A Night @ Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson!

Many things we done there - fishing, netting crabs a have a great dinner in the room by the sea - Steamboat in The Room!

The room was so fantastic and absolutely romantic! I really love it!

Besides enjoyed the room, the panoramics too! Big sea just at our verandah and we’re standing on top of it! Gorgeous!

27 Dec 2009

Plus, the next day before we check-out, managed to enjoyed at the pool & private jacuzzi too! Fantastic la…

I think this is our last trip for 2010! Great trip!

Have a look! ;)

Favourite Songs Saffiya

Today..i would like to share with all about some learning tools for my daughter.So thankful she can remember A-Z, Alif Ba Ta at the age of 2 and half years :)

Here some of the videos that she really love to watch & sing along:

Alif Ba Ta

This One to Let Her Recognize Each

For ABC, she really like this :

Results - Every night MUST sing these songs together!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nak Tempah Dadih???

Saya suka makan Dadih. Biasanya saya akan simpan dadih di dalam peti sejuk sebelum ‘ngap’. Dadih paling enak dimakan apabila dia benar-benar sejuk. Anda boleh nikmati dadih sambil menonton rancangan TV kegemaran anda….perrghhhh nikmat beb!!!

Kalau anda rasa nak makan dadih tapi malas nak buat ;) dan mungkin nak buat tempahan dadih untuk majlis cukur jambul, kenduri doa selamat, atau makan-makan di opis boleh hubungi saya di 012-3545983.

*termasuk bekas berisi ais.

Tempahan sebaiknya dibuat seawalnya dan lokasi penghantaran setakat ni sekitar Puchong, Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan, Keramat AU1 - AU3 & sekitar berhampiran (hujung minggu sahaja).