Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Visit to Jelita Ostrich Farm

Jelita Ostrich Farm
Last Sunday we went back to Seremban - my hubby hometown actually ;)

On da way back we decided to have a visit at Jelita Ostrich Farm. Simply depends on luck - open or not, we just go. So happy its opened! So we had our journey there.

The 4.2-hectare Jelita Ostrich Farm, located on a 75-hectare site, has been certified by the Malaysian Book of Records as the first ostrich farm in Malaysia.

Our Trip Experiences
Here, visitors are briefed on the ostrich industry by an experienced multilingual guide who will take visitors through the farm. Visitors are then taken to a breeding pen where a demonstration on the right way to pick up eggs will be shown.

Visitors are allowed to ride ostriches and those who do so are given certificate qualifying them as ostrich jockeys. A visit to the farm is now not complete without the race and the chariot ride. -->but as for us, we just watched it :p

Actually about four to five birds would take part in a race and the interesting feature of an ostrich race is the way the birds manoeuvre at bends , but during our visit only two took part.

There are no rules in an ostrich race and the first bird that turns back and heads for the starting point is the winner. They can just run a few metres and head back to the starting point. An ostrich can achieve a speed of up to 70kph. Very fast wow!

The other attractions at the farm include ostrich rides where visitors are also given certificates - i got during my last visit year 2002 if not mistaken, and the “man against egg’’ challenge where one stands on an ostrich egg in an attempt to break it. But, serious very hard shell!

Apart from the farm activities, there is a souvenir store, a stall serving ostrich satay as well as ostrich essence with ginseng are available. The satay is very good due containing very high protein. Suits for those on diet ;)

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