Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I'm Blogging?

Hmm...this question keep playing in my mind..why ya?

Sometimes, i feel so eager to type something, to 'vomit' all the 'stories', 'songs' and 'anything deep in my heart'! Hahaha...

Sometimes, i feel so happy when reading frenz blog, it such an online diary with no-secret! I learnt something on some of my reading...

Sometimes, i feel like...hmm i'm an IT but no blog??errmm...maybe have a little 'jealous' that oh...she have a very nice about me??

Great times, blog make me feel so close with my frenz :) Even actually they might be far away from my me =) Technology really make us closer!

Last time, created this blog ...actually to play-around with SEO ;)Ting tong!

Emm...what ever it is....if no time, no effort to 'type' something, my blog still outdated :p

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