Sunday, April 18, 2010

Al-Fatihah for Achik Spin

Do you know about this guy?

Name: Abdillah Murad Md Shari
DOB: 1 Julai 1982
Hometown: Negeri Sembilan
Profession: Singer & Actor
Status: Married
Wife: HM Rose Zaitul Suriani Wati Maarof

Film: Diari Romeo

His is one of the Malaysian Singer - Achik Spin

Al-Fatihah for him & please accept my condolence to his family.

Actually I'm really surprised with the news coz the accident happended at the LEKAS Highway. Me and my hubby used the highway last few weeks - went back to his hometown at Paroi Jaya, Seremban.

But i think its because the way got 'no-jammed', so most of the drivers will speed &  even us :p Anyway, this is such a good reminder for us - NOT TO SPEED in highway. Plus, i think at night the way is quite dark.

The burning car i found in videos posted by one of my friend, really reminded me to someone, about 1 year plus ago - Allahyarhamah Nurzihanie Mohd Shafiee. Al-Fatihah to you Nozy and may u happy there.

Grabbed details from Bernama:

My message:
Plan your journey, drive safely & sure will get a happy journey!

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