Thursday, October 13, 2011

Non Responsive Customer Service!

Today, I had my hot shower earlier than yesterday :) Then took my breakfast - Milk + Nestum (an effort ot increase my milk production ;) as normal. I feel better than yesterday morning :)


Once i reached the office, suddenly i remembered about my order yesterday. ya?Still no respond??

Here is the story...
Yesterday I wanted to buy list of items - my baby stuff from an online shop, but no respond at all. Today by 10am will reach 24 hours, but still no respond. What i want is just the Special Coupon that i eligible to get. The thing is no respond from the person i sent. I'm expecting atleast saying something that make me updated. I really feel like...Hey, what happend to my request??Don't you received it? Or you just ignore it??

For sure, frustration mood coming ...

Fortunately, this morning i message some one telling that i'm going to buy items and guess what???

She replied..(about)

"She forward to me already, some have stock some don't have"

and bla..bla...bla....

Ok, i accepted that reason. Anyhow, she (the person i message is not the one to be blamed, she's very good, very responsible & she really tried to persuade me a.k.a know how to cool down customer mood) If have Customer Service rating, i'll give her 4 stars :)

Ok, continue...

The main reason that make me un-happy is no respond to my mail. I expecting atleast an update - its ok if just a simple reply. 

Could you please just reply and says something like...(here i become a teacher) hahaha

"Order received, anyhow we need to do some stock checking before we can proceed generating the coupon. Thank you for your patronage"

or since she forwarded my mail to other person ....can simply CC to me right?

Hmm, anyway since the lady that i messaged this morning, managed to answer and comfort me, i accepted the delays and the best part she do promise to make it a.s.a.p with do apology for the delay. 

Moral of the Story 
Please reply any mail received EXCEPT SPAM/JUNK MAILS OK! 
Especially if you're running online business. Email is the main medium for you to interact with your customers, so please ya!

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