Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Weekend at Legend Water Chalet

25 Dec 09

Morning - as normal.


Lunch Time

Today is Christmas Day!
But..i’m working …ho ho ho..but at the office only abour 6 of us. So, lunch chow chin chow to JJ Equine, together with Su & Kak Im.

We ate at Kenny Rogers! first complain..portion overall small! But drink..superb tasty (the price superb crazy too!)

In the middle of eating…err…full! hahaha…what a big impact to us…earliest said small portion, now cannot finish it - kak Im ‘tupow’ muffin!

Last but not least…the payment!

Me - RM25+
Su - Rm18+
Kak Im - RM31+

Kwang..kwang…kwang…winner of the lunch - Kak Im! Cool ya … ;)

At Night

What a start late evening! Saffiya shows her tantrum! Err…

Once she slept, then i managed to prepare the things! Cloth, steamboat set, swim suits, foods and etc…

Slept at very late night. But again..Saffiya “ork-erk-ork-erk” dut to much cries before sleep :s

26 Dec 09

Early morning i’ve received a ‘text’ :) We can check -in anytime we want! What a happy news!

So, once my hubby reached home, we started to move all begs and stuff into the car and get ready to Port Dickson!

Sounds near but this trip is special - Special Birthday Present for My Husband! - A Night @ Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson!

Many things we done there - fishing, netting crabs a have a great dinner in the room by the sea - Steamboat in The Room!

The room was so fantastic and absolutely romantic! I really love it!

Besides enjoyed the room, the panoramics too! Big sea just at our verandah and we’re standing on top of it! Gorgeous!

27 Dec 2009

Plus, the next day before we check-out, managed to enjoyed at the pool & private jacuzzi too! Fantastic la…

I think this is our last trip for 2010! Great trip!

Have a look! ;)

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